Fat Romeo

And The Band


Fat Romeo (born Dusan Milivojevic on September 2, 1976) is an Serbian guitarist and songwriter. On the scene since high school days, started to play at the local clubs in his hometown of Novi Sad. First album, published by PGP-RTS, with the band “Revir” came in 1994 and second in 1997. Being rock band playing music of the 60es, they were at numerous concerts, festivals, TV and radio shows.

After that, came cooperation with band “Colibri”, playing acid jazz, funk and soul covers, playing at Pepsi Sziget festival, Hungary, 1997.

Fat Romeo was at that time playing guitar at the “High Life” band, known for its pure hard rock sound.

Playing guitar for the Tanja Jovicevic & Happy People, for years, took him on numerous tours in the region, playing at first Exit festival, by the river Danube, and at Exit 01 and Exit 02 at the former Rock Stage, today known as Fusion Stage.

Fat Romeo project resulted in album “Colours Of Love” in 2003, and after numerous promotion, played at Exit 04, at Blues & Jazz Stage.

Numerous performances and cooperations continued throughout the years, with the start of the cooperation with Wenti Wadada in 2011.

Joining forces with artists from all over the world created his unique sound, under international influences of many genres that he plays, resulted in his extraordinary performance skills.

With A.N.A. & Positive Vibration Movement, and cooperation with Wenti Wadada, new sound was born.