Ana Perisic

ana perisic

A.N.A. (born Ana Perisic on April 24, 1986) is a Serbian singer and songwriter. Showing talent since early age, she was always active in school choir and various artistic performances and competitions. Years of singing covers with various bands led created experience in various styles of singing.

A.N.A. was in TV singing competition “European Star” and “First Voice Of Serbia” which brought her popularity in the Adriatic region. Her hit song “Ja te ne volim” (I dont Love You) has over 1.000.000. clicks on YouTube and was performed at numerous festivals and TV shows.

A.N.A. took part in festivals Soundlovers in Zrenjanin, for which she recorded a cover tune “Celebrate Summertime”, and Vodova in Ruski Krstur.

Performing constantly and cooperating with many artists brought her to the cooperation with Exit festival’sPositive Vibration Reggae Stage, where here first performance at the stage was a major success.

Along with studying English, working at a language school, A.N.A. is constantly developing her singing, enriching it with a diversity of styles from worldwide.

Latest work with Wenti Wadada and his crew brought her to a new fusion sound that is now presented as A.N.A. & Positive Vibration Movement.