Ana Perisic

A.N.A. (born Ana Perisic on April 24, 1986) is a Serbian singer and songwriter. Showing talent since early age, she was always active in school choir and various artistic performances and competitions. Years of singing covers with various bands led created experience in various styles of singing.

A.N.A. was in TV singing competition “European Star” and “First Voice Of Serbia” which brought her popularity in the Adriatic region. Her hit song “Ja te ne volim” (I dont Love You) has over 1.000.000. clicks on YouTube and was performed at numerous festivals and TV shows.

A.N.A. took part in festivals Soundlovers in Zrenjanin, for which she recorded a cover tune “Celebrate Summertime”, and Vodova in Ruski Krstur.

Performing constantly and cooperating with many artists brought her to the cooperation with Exit festival’sPositive Vibration Reggae Stage, where here first performance at the stage was a major success.

Along with studying English, working at a language school, A.N.A. is constantly developing her singing, enriching it with a diversity of styles from worldwide.

Latest work with Wenti Wadada and his crew brought her to a new fusion sound that is now presented as A.N.A. & Positive Vibration Movement.


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Fat Romeo

And The Band

Fat Romeo (born Dusan Milivojevic on September 2, 1976) is an Serbian guitarist and songwriter. On the scene since high school days, started to play at the local clubs in his hometown of Novi Sad. First album, published by PGP-RTS, with the band “Revir” came in 1994 and second in 1997. Being rock band playing music of the 60es, they were at numerous concerts, festivals, TV and radio shows.

After that, came cooperation with band “Colibri”, playing acid jazz, funk and soul covers, playing at Pepsi Sziget festival, Hungary, 1997.

Fat Romeo was at that time playing guitar at the “High Life” band, known for its pure hard rock sound.

Playing guitar for the Tanja Jovicevic & Happy People, for years, took him on numerous tours in the region, playing at first Exit festival, by the river Danube, and at Exit 01 and Exit 02 at the former Rock Stage, today known as Fusion Stage.

Fat Romeo project resulted in album “Colours Of Love” in 2003, and after numerous promotion, played at Exit 04, at Blues & Jazz Stage.

Numerous performances and cooperations continued throughout the years, with the start of the cooperation with Wenti Wadada in 2011.

Joining forces with artists from all over the world created his unique sound, under international influences of many genres that he plays, resulted in his extraordinary performance skills.

With A.N.A. & Positive Vibration Movement, and cooperation with Wenti Wadada, new sound was born.

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(ChayNelle) Channelle Hylton-Taylor has been studying performing arts since the age of 3. As a childChayNelle use to dream of success on stage whether as a dancer, singer, rapper, or musician. This lead her mother to embark upon making sure her daughter got the best of the best training she could offer. As a single parent it was often hard, but as ChayNelle grew technically and creatively, the benefits seem to be endless and it was evident she was definitely in the best suited industry to compliment her aspirations and dreams. After her secondary education at ‘The Selly Park

Technology College for Girls’ , ChayNelle auditioned and gained a place at ‘Sutton Coldfield College’ where she did her BTEC National Diploma in Performing Arts, and then eventually winning a place within the top 60 out of 5,000 applicants at The Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, training in modern, jazz, ballet, tap, musical theatre, singing and acting. After an intensive year of training

Channelle went on to pursue a Performing Arts Degree at the University of Bedfordshire and then on to Sir Paul Macartney’s ‘Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts’ (LIPA) completing a Post Graduate

Certificate in Dance Theatre Practice. ChayNelle has been blessed throughout her life to work with children within schools and churches teaching dance, as well as putting on her own workshops, to music videos and concerts working with a variety of people such as Boyzone, Westlife, Justin Timberlake’s choreographers, etc and much much more.

It was from the age of 15 onwards ChayNelle Discovered a real talent for poetry, writing lyrics and song writing. Often having hopes and dreams to be a great MC like ‘Miss Dynamite’ and the ‘So Solid Crew’. ChayNelle said “I just loved Dynamite, she was like a breath of fresh air and i loved her ability to MC and express herself whilst still looking very femmine in a heavily male dominated industry”.

This encouraged ChayNelle to continue to write lyrics and poetry until one day at a studio ‘messing around’ a producer friend ‘Mak Floss’ heard her, and was intrigued by her ‘quirky’ and very different style. Since then ChayNelle has never looked back. “My life now consists of Studio and making music leading up to the The Exit festival in Serbia. I will be performing out there and it’s a really big deal.

Want to make sure everything is perfect and that my fans and supporters are happy. I just hope and pray I can do them justice”. ChayNelle has been performing for the past consecutive 3 years at europe’s best festival 2013, the EXIT Festival! Also ChayNelle will be embarking on 2face’s world tour 2014.

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Mak Floss

Vocals, Production

Mak Floss began to sing at the tender age of 6, where he was given his first taste of the lime light singing in church. He has since been working hard to build on his musical talent, learning to play the piano from as early as eight and later on later on, the drums. “I was born into a musical family, so I couldn’t escape it”. After the passing of his farther at a young age of 14, Nathan “Floss” Tomlinson had to grow up fast but lost the passion and drive for music. As a result he put all his time and energy into football and sports. As he progressed in his football, he began to see himself as a future football star, but that was all about to change. At the age of 16 he sustained a groin injury which shattered his football ambitions and his confidence. Music then started to creep back into his life, but not as a singer, but as a producer. “I started putting down my ideas onto computer and everything jus took off from there”. Even though he enjoyed football and his beloved arsenal, he couldn’t hide his feelings for music any longer. “I loved music and I knew that music loved me”.

After producing for a few months, Nathan then started to MC, where he obtained the name Mak Floss. “Don’t ask me what I was thinking, but I thought I was good at the time and besides I was young, crazy and still trying to get away from the fact that I was born to sing lol”. Even though he was reunited with his first love (music), he never really felt fulfilled and that’s where singing made a come back. “I remember Jaia coming to me and singing something and I just felt like that’s what I should really be doing”. Floss followed his heart and a few GROUPS later; he teamed up with Jaia to form a group called Best Kept Secrets. “From the moment I heard the voices together I knew it was meant to be”.Since rekindling his love for music Mak Floss (now a professional sound engineer/Producer/Songwriter) has produced and written songs for a host of U.K underground artist such as B.K.S, Big Boss Records, Northwest side Entertainment, Shlepp Records, Smudgy, Lil Miz K, Jeromeo, Melody, Smackdown Family, Exodus, oh and Naishawn lol.

Mak Floss says: “You can take me out of music, but you can’t take the music out of me”. 

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Wenti Wadada


Seasoned industry veteran’ is perhaps the phrase which best describes Wenti ‘Wadada’. With an ear for music & a eye for talent and a predilection for innovation, the platinum bearded Rastafarian originates from the musically celebrated island of Jamaica, but his eclectic (to say the least) resume is a reflection of the diversity of his formative years, spent in both Jamaica, and London, with a couple of stints in the States thrown in for good measure.  His work has taken him from Scandinavia to Africa, working alongside musical greats from Peter Tosh, to Paul McCartney in roles as diverse as journalism, A & R, music production, stage and tour management; there is possibly no entertainment industry related stone left unturned by Wadada.

To begin at the beginning, Wadada’s first bona_fide music industry job was with Bamboo Records the then European arm of the legendary Studio One Records, who brought the first ever reggae acts to perform in Europe.

Two years later Wadada joined Groundation Records, who were the leading reggae Company at the time.   Here he was responsible for booking, promotions and tour management.  Wadada recognised that rather than targeting an audience made up of purely reggae fans, rock n roll could also be a great vehicle, and so his acts performed alongside the likes of Billy Idle and the Clash, with one of his acts, The Cimarons performing at the Rolling Stones’ end of World Tour party.

It was during this time that he met the early & great Bob Marley & it was not through music, but by playing football with him at Wormwood Scrubs, London in the Shadow of the prison.

Throughout the late 70’s and early 80’s Wadada maintained his primary love of touring with acts, but the next big move came in the form of his role as Music Editor at the nation’s first black national distributed newspaper, The Voice, and its subsidiary magazine, Black Beat which launched in 1982. These were ground breaking times, and the Voice newspaper was literally the Voice of a generation, unchallenged for over a decade.  It was here that Wadada interviewed all the musical greats, including all the leading reggae acts of the day, along with R&B greats like Curtis Mayfield, George Benson, Barry White.

In 1984 Wadada orchestrated the collaboration between the Cimarons and Paul McCartney. publishing company MPL who put out the Cimarons album, Reggaebility, and they also featured on the famous track Ebony & Ivory.  It was here that  Wadada met the late great Michael Jackson.

1987 saw Wadada yet again involved with another landmark project, this time as Stage Manager to the theatrical production by Flip Fraser “Black Heroes in the Hall of Fame”.  The highly acclaimed musical was the first ever all black production to hit the West End, and for the first part of the 90’s toured the US and the Caribbean. The Production was honoured by the Mayors of Detroit & Chicgo, with the keys to the city’s.

At the end of that tour Wadada felt it was time to reconnect with Jamaica, and spent 3 years at Green Island Records where he was responsible for A & R, and served as Studio and Entertainment Manager, and then as Manager of the label and it’s artists.

However, during the mid 90’s Wadada took a break from the industry altogether, deciding to spend a little ‘family time’ in Canada, where he helped to run the family business.

Returning to the UK in time for the turn of the new millennium, Wadada’s focus again took a new turn.  Viewing the UK through fresh eyes, Wadada immediately noticed the lack of facilities and opportunities for London’s youth.  Recalling how music had been an inspiration to himself and others of his generation, Wadada went about creating an Arts centred youth projects, workshops and talent development in some of the most deprived areas of North West London.  During this time Wadada also connected with the organisers of Serbia’s EXIT Festival, named by The Times newspaper as the best festival in the world, and has for the last 11 years been responsible for the artists on their Positive Vibrations reggae stage.

The booking agency is in many ways a return to the familiar for Wadada. This was the way in which his career started, and his love for artists, their development and progress has remained consistent over the years. As one of the revolutionary’s responsible for breaking reggae acts into the then mainstream University

 College & European  circuit in the 1970’s, it will be interesting to see where this next technologically forward thinking step will take him.

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